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50+ Things You Can Ask Siri To Get A Funny Response

Lots of other folks get extra break day over the vacation's, so you'll be in search of techniques you'll entertain your self with the additional hours you've spare. Luckily Pocket-Lint has put in combination an enormous checklist of instructions you'll ask Siri, wherein you can obtain an fun reaction again.

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I see a bit silhouetto of a person

Hey pc

Do I glance fats on this?

When is the sector going to finish?

Beatbox for me

What is your absolute best pick out up line?

What's the time?

Roll a die

Testing 1,2,three

Siri, I'm your father

What is your favorite film?

What is the which means of lifestyles?

Where is Elvis Presley?

What is 0 divided by way of 0?

Which got here first, the rooster or the egg?

How do I glance?

Do you've a circle of relatives?

Are you the Dick Tracy Watch?

Do you consider in God?

Knock, Knock

Where does Santa reside?

Why are firetrucks pink?

Can you forestall time?

Why did the rooster pass the street?

What is the most efficient running gadget?

Do you observe the 3 regulations of robotics?

Are you a smartwatch?

Who is the most efficient assistant?

Okay Glass

Which watch face do you prefer?

I am bare

What telephone will have to I purchase or what telephone is the most efficient?


Why do you vibrate?

Are you silly?

What is the most efficient watch?

Do you've any pets?

Draw me one thing

Mirror, reflect at the wall, who's the fairest of all of them?

Guess what?

Please are you able to make me a sandwich?

What is the most efficient pc?

Why did the rooster pass the street?

How do I glance?

What is Inception about?

What are you doing later?

Do you've a female friend?

I like you

I am so drained, Siri

I am inebriated

Tell me a tale

Does Santa exist?

Are you Her?

Will you marry me?

Tell me a funny story

Talk grimy to me

What is your favorite music?

How a lot picket would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck may just chuck picket?

Sing me a music

Dance for me

Will you move on a date with me?

Will you be my thunder good friend?

Do you suppose I am silly?

Is Jon Snow lifeless?

Is wintry weather coming?

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