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A flattening yield curve argues against higher interest rates

CENTRAL bankers might regulate momentary interest rates, however long-term ones are most commonly loose to wander. They don't at all times behave. When Alan Greenspan, then chairman of the Federal Reserve, was once elevating brief rates in 2005, he described a simultaneous decline in lengthy rates as a “conundrum”. His ...

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Plant-based “meat” is so tasty that Europe’s meat industry has to bite back

Carroticide THE “kapsalon” is a wholesome mixture of chips, melted Gouda cheese, shawarma, lettuce and garlic sauce and is a attempted and examined hangover remedy within the Netherlands. So naturally, a butcher’s store at the Spui, in The Hague, put it on its takeaway menu, along burgers and sausage rolls. ...

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Tech giants will probably dominate speakers and headphones

MUSIC enthusiasts don’t usually move to the opera to shop for a speaker. But on the Palais Garnier in Paris they now can: Devialet, an area maker of top-end speakers, on November 29th opened a shop within the 19th-century song venue to promote its maximum refined product, known as Phantom. ...

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Digital news outlets are in for a reckoning

GREAT expectancies attended virtual journalism outfits. Firms akin to BuzzFeed and Mashable have been the hip youngsters destined to overcome the web with their more youthful, advertiser-friendly target audience, sensible manipulation of social media and affinity for generation. They gave the impression in a position to generate huge internet site ...

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Republicans grouse about tax models they once supported

THEY were at this a very long time. In 1994 Republicans, newly answerable for Congress, held hearings on what would come to be known as “dynamic scoring”. Bills, they stated, will have to be evaluated the use of the predictive energy of macroeconomic models. If the style predicts extra GDP ...

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