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Chance the Rapper calls out troll on Twitter

It must be transparent at this level that you just join a public shaming if you find yourself impolite to celebrities on Twitter. 

And but, we nonetheless have other people like Joey, a Twitter rando who on Tuesday paid the worth for going after Chance the Rapper. 

The change started over Chance's statement on a CBS LA tale about males who ponder whether it is nonetheless OK to hug ladies in a post-Weinstein international. (His succinct take: "Gross. Don't.")

It escalated from there:

Joey, the aforementioned rando, made a essential mistake in responding to Chance's tweet, writing, "So we're cutting off all human contact between the sexes now? Isn't that Sharia law?"

To which the musician answered:

A masterful comeback on Chance's section. Thanks for taking part in, Joey.

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