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Donald Trump’s administration is promoting democracy and human rights

IF DENIZENS of political Washington recall the commotion, long ago on February 24th, when President Donald Trump’s press workforce excluded CNN, the New York Times and others from a White House briefing, more than likely shrug on the reminiscence. Editors lodged formal proceedings on the time, no longer least for the reason that snub got here hours after Mr Trump informed cheering conservative activists that the “fake news media” are “the enemy of the people”. But there were many commotions since, and worse snubs.

Yet there are puts the place that kerfuffle in a White House hall left a mark. Take Cambodia, the south-east Asian nation whose autocratic executive charged two ex-reporters in November with “espionage”, mentioning their earlier paintings for Radio Free Asia (RFA), a information outlet funded by means of the American executive. There is an immediate connection between the detention of Yeang Sothearin and Uon Chhin, who withstand 15 years in jail, and that second of early Trumpian bombast. Hun…Continue studying

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