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Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd for PlayStation 3 Reviews

In phrases of content material, Project Diva F 2nd (PDF2) inherits the main of Project Diva Extend (PSP), this is to mention part new songs, the opposite part being songs taken from earlier episodes. In the case of PDF2, the ones ones come from the PSP video games Project Diva 2nd and Project Diva Extend. Before complaining about rehashing, undergo this in thoughts : whilst Project Diva Extend used to be simply shifting songs from Project Diva 2nd, PDF2 remakes them from scratch. Two-faced Lovers, Romio & Cinderella or Luka Luka Night Fever to say a couple of, were utterly remades and now not simply remastered : choreographies were modified in numerous sides, particularly by way of including a finale find it irresistible used to be presented in Diva F. No best this, however the unbelievable 3-D engine of the «F» sequence transforms the hits of the former era and the astonishing graphics additional enhanced from Diva F (PDF2 seems slightly sharper) make it an entire new enjoy.

As for the brand new songs, I discovered the listing beautiful asymmetric in comparison to Diva F which used to be a real focus of musical masterpieces. Many have gradual rythm or now not sufficient depth for my tastes. But no matter, that’s simply me and I did in finding a couple of exhilarating compositions like Yubikiri, Ni Soku Hôko, Envy Cat Walk, Meteo 2nd Dimension Fever and Akatsuki Arrival, let by myself the implausible design and route that blend magnificence and cuteness in glorious model.

You’ll after all additionally get a brand new vary of great modules (=costumes) with the chance to import those you have already got in Diva F. In natural aesthetics, you have got now an technique to put a pores and skin for your development bar. While I feel it takes an excessive amount of room at the display screen, some might please you. Note that if you wish to have extra, Sega has deliberate a looong DLC season to spoil your financial savings with critically thrilling stuff : the Japanese model already were given Change Me, Kochi Muite Baby, Yellow and Sekiranun Graffiti, amongst others. Remember that you probably have the additional personality DLC for Diva F, you'll be able to get it unfastened for PDF2 because it’s cross-buy.

The maximum hanging factor about gameplay is that the sport become A LOT more difficult. If like me you’d come to grasp step by step the Hard mode with out making wonders in Extreme, drop by way of the chemist’s to get some anxiolytics as a result of you're going to undergo like hell. Narisumashi Ganga and 2nd Dimension Fever are inhumane, Envy Cat Walk drove me mad. It’s my worry with PDF2 : the Normal mode continues to be a bit of too simple for returning lovers, however Hard mode is discouraging now and again.

Generally talking, the problem has been beefed up in numerous techniques. Remember the yellow stars for which you simply needed to scratch the display screen regularly? That’s over, Jim! From now on, you’ll need to apply the tempo. Technical zones have transform much more technical, the ones bonus issues are not presented like they was once (Huh, God Tier Tune?). This episodeintroduces some inventions in gameplay, in reality new varieties of stars. There’s the «large» famous person which is cleared by way of scratching the display screen in two other places, and the «connected» stars, that are standard stars with extra bonus

All the aspect content material continues to be there and has advanced. The Diva Room, the now well-known courting sim is extra full of life than within the earlier sport : the selection of occasions have doubled, they’re brought about extra ceaselessly, yo have new mini-games and characters display much more movements/reactions. Camera angles were nerfed so much despite the fact that, particularly in close-up, which is for sure unwelcomed. All the good friend stage parameters were tweaked to permit a extra actual development. The a lot sharper graphics upload very much to the joy of this Diva Room 2.zero, which greater than ever is a sport in itself.

The sport comes with a dozen of recent AR lives, save that now you not want the AR markers to arrange your personal performances!

Despite the small hiccups in gameplay and steadiness, the immense pleasure continues to be the similar. Project Diva F 2nd is natural and quick pleasure till the top. That is, if you'll be able to see an finish to a sport you by no means in point of fact prevent taking part in.

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