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Spotify is quietly testing a new feature to make your Discover Weekly playlist even smarter

If you're keen on Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist, however want you want to train it some new tips — you simply could be in success.

Mashable UK Social Media Producer Jennie Gale spotted Monday morning a new feature in her Discover Weekly playlist — a little middle, and a blocked signal, at the backside left nook when a tune is taking part in.

Image: screenshot/jennie gale

When you hover over the road or circle, it says "like" or "don't like." 

Image: screenshot/jennie gale

And here's an up-close view of the Dislike.

And this is an up-close view of the Dislike.

Image: screenshot/jennie gale

However, her esteemed colleagues (myself incorporated) did not see such a feature.

We were given in contact with Spotify, who advised us that they're certainly testing the like/dislike as a conceivable new feature for Discover Weekly, as they have already got it for Daily Mix. However, there is not any information on when, or if, it will develop into a feature for everybody, as a result of they're simply testing it.

This is kinda fun -- when you un-unlike something.

This is kinda a laugh — whilst you un-unlike one thing.

Image: screenshot/jennie gale

Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist is a common feature, and other people have used it to circulation slightly below  five billion tracks in a yr. Plenty of other people were looking forward to a like/dislike serve as to higher educate their algorithm-powered suggestions, so if the feature certainly makes it via it must be common.

Some of the tweets about it return to 2015 and 2016...

And pleasure from the selected few for the take a look at as of late.

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