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The Supreme Court is divided in a gay wedding cake case

SPEAKING at the steps of the Supreme Court after a listening to that pit gay rights in opposition to freedom of expression, David Mullins, who was once denied a wedding cake in 2012 by way of Jack Phillips, a conservative Christian baker, mentioned LGBT folks “deserve the right to live their lives in public without having that love turned into a weapon to harm us”. He mentioned that he and his spouse, Charlie Craig, had introduced the case in order that different might be safe from “the pain and humiliation” they skilled when Mr Phillips advised them he does now not “make cakes for same-sex weddings”. Masterpiece Cakeshop v Colorado Civil Rights Commission is “not about cake”, Mr Mullins mentioned. “It’s about freedom.”  

Mr Phillips would consider this characterisation of the case—however with an emphasis on his freedom now not to take part in the birthday celebration of a marriage he considers a “sacrilege”. In the oral argument, Kristen Waggoner, Mr Phillips’s attorney, advised the justices that asking her shopper to offer a “brief…Continue studying

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